Interior Design Trends For 2023

With every new season comes a wave of new interior décor trends that can make it a little hard to keep up with each one. From the incredibly popular choices in furniture to the beautiful shades of paint that you get in your home, everything in your home right now was or is part of a major trend.

And with 2023 well underway, it’s about time to give your home the seasonal update that it deserves. But don’t worry, we have a list of some of the best trends to come out in 2023 that you should look out for.


1. Structured Simplicity

Inspired by the Scandinavian Nordic Design of 2019, Structured Simplicity is all about making your home feel comfy and cozy with its use of muted and minimalist colors. The solid yet neutral colors give off a relaxing vibe that is calming and inviting. The design creates an incredibly relaxing space where you can rest and regenerate.

Trade in bold and bright colors for soft and neutral ones that give the interior a relaxing and comforting feel. The best part is that this particular design embodies sustainability more than anything else. It ensures a timeless aura that allows you to retain its aesthetic appeal regardless of the season or current trend.

Why choose it?

If you like a simple yet modern interior décor, this is just the style for you. Moreover, it does not entirely aim for a minimalist concept. Instead, it uses glimpses of minimalism throughout its design and focuses more on comfort as well as artisan aspects.

Where to Use it

This particular style looks great in smaller areas like your kitchen or your bathroom. However, this design looks the best in a living room or your bedroom, especially when you pair it with dark accented colors.


2. Eclectic Glamour

Looking to add a glamorous vibe to your rooms? Well lucky for you, Eclectic Glamour is 2020’s vibrant, sassy, and confident take on the past and its vogue. A step above last season’s Retro Revival, this style manages to combine the sexy radiance of the Seventies with the sophisticated elegance of the Thirties. The combination of these two definitive eras makes for a very distinct style that is timeless.

The style heavily depends on shapely furniture with fluid shapes and rounded curves. This type of furniture takes center stage in this particular design, as it highlights everything that makes Eclectic Glamour so eccentric.

­­­Best Place to Use It

This particular style is a real eye-catcher and should only be applied in rooms or spaces where you are trying to make a bold fashion statement. Lavish looking furniture goes well with muted and bold combinations of wall paint, showcasing your flamboyant side.

The living room will be especially great for this style, as the addition of cocktail cabinets, statement boards, and bar carts really solidify its seventies-meets-thirties vibe. 


3. Abstract Energy

Abstract energy is the concept of free-spirited and fun interiors that brings out the artist within you. The bold patterns and geometric shapes work wonderfully with expressive hand-drawn sketches. Meanwhile, playful blocks integrate smoothly with solid and bright colors. These bright and gleeful colors create a cheerful mood and evoke emotion from the viewer.

Most importantly, this interior style emphasizes heavily on the fluidity and imperfections of hand-drawn art, similar to most expressionist art movements. Therefore, line drawings are a focal point of this particular style.

Where to Use It

The abstract design is not for every room, nor is it for everyone. The geometric shapes, bold colors, and line drawings can make the room feel overwhelming to some. So add this design to a bedroom, living room, or any room where you are looking to make a statement. This design, in particular, manifests exceptionally well with cushions, wallpaper designs, and even statement rugs, so choose your space wisely.

Colors to Use

The colors are where this style truly shines, as you have free reign to use whatever bold colors you like. You can even combine various vibrant colors together to make your product feel truly unique.


4. Japani

Throughout the past few seasons, the influence of Japanese design interiors is growing significantly stronger. While starting out as smaller elements in other styles, Japanese interior designs have very much grown into its own. Focusing mainly on minimalism and wooden furnishings, it perfectly represents the autumn-winter trend. Several major retailers are also getting in on this particular trend, which gives you plenty to choose from in terms of furnishings.

Of course, Japani is more than just a Japanese interior. This style combines everything great about Japanese interiors and combines it with Scandinavian simplicity. The style is a treat for the eyes and is optimal if you believe in the motto ‘less is more.’ It focuses on clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a calm color palette.

Best Place to Use It

This culture-themed style is a great option for any room, as a subdued color palette and minimal furnishings make for a calming space. You can use it in your bedroom, as an uncluttered look can give a very relaxing vibe while making the space feel much bigger.

Colors to Use

Muted and neutral colors go best with this beautiful interior design, especially palettes that lean more towards yellow. Moreover, keeping the color palette soft can give your space a calming tone. You can contrast these softer colors with richer and bolder accents like black, indigo, or rust.



With only a few months in, 2020 has already seen some exciting new trends in interior design. While some are more advanced and detailed versions of older trends, some of the newer ones are very eccentric and inspiring. With a wide range of materials and a diverse color palette, these styles cater to a wide audience as well as individuals looking for a niche design concept to adorn their private spaces. In conclusion, these were some of the interior design trends to start off 2023.