How to Stay Creative at Home

Working at home,what was once a preference has now becomea necessity for many due to theCOVID-19 outbreak.Several professional offices and businesses have begun taking safety measures,one of which was social distancing and working from their homes. However, despite the lack oftraveling andinsufferable morning traffic, working from home is not for everyone.And with amultitude of distractions, it can be hard to stay creative.

So here is a small guide on how you can keep yourself creativeat homeduring these trying times

Keeping Yourself Creative At Home
There are a few ways that you cankeep a nice creative flow while you are working at home.Sowithout further ado, here are a few tips to keep you creative


1. Switching Up Your Location

Humans are creatures of habit. Every morning, you go to your office to proceed to work at your dedicated space. Your brain knows that the space it is for creative work, so you will be able to focus better and get work done faster. Therefore, to help your brain focus, you should set up a dedicated space where you will work

This dedicated space will act as your office and should be the perfect balance between an isolated and public room.If you have rooms that are not in use, transform it into your new office space. Or if you have a house with different floors, you can commit an entire floor for office tasks if it helps stimulate your creativity.


2. Good Lighting

When choosing the right place for your desk, it is always important to consider the lighting. Try to work in areas of your house that have ample lighting, whether it be artificial or natural. Light helps keep your body awake and makes you feel more active as you work.

Of course, there is also a matter of personal preference. If you feel more comfortable working in less light, a backlit keyboard and lamp should be enough for your office setup.


3. Office Specific Furnishings

As appealing as it may seem to sit around different parts of your home working, this can greatly hinder your creativity. Hence, it’s best to work in a dedicated room or your own floor. Nonetheless, you need office-specific equipment to focus better on your work. A good chair office can do wonders for your back and can make it significantly easier for you to work from home.

Moreover, with the help of a well-planned work table, you can work in a clutter-free and well-organized environment. And when looking to get a new worktable, opt for one with ample space to accompany a laptop or desktop along with a few other frequently used items. You should also look into an ergonomic standing desk if you are getting tired of sitting around as you work.


4. Prepare Your Table

Setting up your table goes much further than placing it in one of your rooms. You will also have to adjust and set up all sorts of wiring and connections. A major goal with your home-based setup is that you spend more time on your desk working than going about your house for items essential to your work. So make sure that wherever you place your desk, it has a fast internet connection.

You should also connect your printer, extra monitor, and various other necessities right beside you on your desk. Yes, setting all of this up will take a considerable amount of time. But by committing to setting up your table once, you can skip the hassle of having to go about your house in case you need something.


5. Storage and Shelving

It is also essential to have ample storage and shelving around your desk, according to your most common job tasks. The quarantine might not end for at least a month. Therefore, you should have just enough space for your files and other essential items.


6. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Finally, keep your playlist ready for when you are working. The opinion around listening to music while working is very subjective; some people prefer listening to it, whereas others do not. However, it is very common for your house to get a little noisy when you are working, especially if you have children or live with roommates.

But if you do not like listening to music but still prefer a quiet environment when you are working, then some noise-isolating headphones or earplugs can help. They can block out any unnecessary sound from the outside while you focus on your work.

In conclusion, working at home can seem difficult, especially if you are used to working in a proper office. Lucky for you, with these few tips, you can set up your own home office and help improve creativity.