Create the Perfect Home Spa

If you want to transform your regular bathroom into a luxurious spa, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. We visualize fluffy oversized towels, huge bathtubs, and whimsical lighting options when picturing a resort-style or spa-like bathroom. However, you can achieve the same effect by adding subtle fragrances, aromatic candles, and de-cluttering your shower space.

Here are a few ways to create a home spa that rejuvenates the mind and calms the body.



Remove Clutter

Remove all accessories that you don’t use. Keeping all bathroom essentials on hand is essential, but there is no reason you should stuff your bathroom with tons of items. There is nothing like a clean and organized bathroom to guarantee a spa-like experience.

Tuck all essentials in designated storage areas. Use trays, mugs, and storage racks to keep everything neatly. You can easily find a wide variety of heat-resistant containers to store hair styling appliances and makeup organizers to help you get ready after a quick shower. Using stackable wicker baskets and tiered trays can also help you store more without cluttering your small bathroom.



Use Natural Elements

Creating a healthy environment in your home offers a multitude of benefits. Why not keep the same ambiance in your bathroom? Keeping potted plants on ledges, counters, and your bathroom floors can help you maintain the perfect temperature in your home spa. You can use colorful glass bottles to display fresh flowers if you don\’t have too much space.



Add Calming Colors

Setting the right tone for your home-spa is crucial. Try choosing neutral colors like beige or white, to create a relaxing space. Some people prefer subtle colors like browns and greys to achieve the same look. Choose colors that go well with your artwork and decorative accessories in your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom has black fixtures, don’t use a vibrant color for your walls.



Upgrade your Shower Head

Experiencing a spa-like experience is impossible without indulging in a rainfall showerhead. A steam shower nourishes your skin and guarantees a healthy glow if you want to add more luxury.



Choose a Wood Bathtub Tray

Adding a wood bathtub tray gives you the perfect spot for keeping a glass of wine or bath accessories. Some people like keeping scented candles to enjoy a spa-like bathing experience at home. Place a few books, small plants, and any decorative accessories.




When you first walk into a spa, there is a distinctive calming scent that gratifies your senses. Why not add the same scents to your bathing space? Replicating the aromatherapy, you find in top spas is easier than you think. Indulge in soaps, candles, and diffusing essential oils that also purify the air in your bathroom.

The effective use of decorative wall scones, chandeliers, and recessed lighting can create magic. Installing dimmer switches can give the same effect as soft candlelight to create a dreamy and magical ambiance in your bathroom.


Final Thoughts

You can add other small things to your bathroom to create a home spa. For instance, include seating options such as a small comfy chair, a stool lets you relax after your bath or apply lotion. With some creativity and through different natural elements, you can add elegance and comfort to turn your ordinary bathroom into a home spa.