Villa Canal Cove




Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

The essence of the Villa Canal Cove - it’s the perfect vacation destination.

The Villa Canal Cove is a self-contained community, which consists of 3-4 bedroom beachfront real estate properties. It invites its occupants to bask in the sun, head towards the sand or surf when the tide is up. Originally, this land belonged to the sea, but Palm Jumeirah is a feat of man’s will and ambitions. What makes the Villa Canal Cove stand out from the crowd is its heavenly beachfront view alongside amenities.


The Villa Canal Cover is a near-perfect location for a family vacation or a long-awaited holiday with friends. Located in one of the most sought-after locations in the United Arab Emirates, it has all the makings of vacation whose memories are worth reliving time and time again. The Villa Canal Cove is picture-perfect for a family beach break. It lies in Palm Jumeirah, which is regarded as amongst one of Dubai’s most intriguing assets that it possesses, in terms of both monetary value as well as tourist popularity.

The attractive and wondrous community is nestled between two fronds, perched on the Arabian Gulf. It consists of a line-up of beachfront properties, present on globally renowned Palm Jumeirah. Keeping in consideration the eco-friendly usage of products, natural materials are used in everyday activities and maintenance for the wellbeing of the environment.


Thanks to the outstanding interior design handled by the MyPickOne team, this Villa is a perfect place to unwind and relax in while receiving the full grandeur of the Dubai experience that you paid for. When it comes to residential interior design Dubai, we have a fair share of luxurious spaces that are designed to perfection.


The Dubai villa interior design is spacious. Each room is designed to have its own distinct style and ambience. Apart from that, there is a beach and temperature-controlled swimming pool for the residents. Space consists of 3 large bedrooms and a kitchen which is equipped with appliances. The recreational room provides the necessary games and activities for the entire family during their stay. . Located at the famous man-made islands in Dubai which are hailed as the 8th wonder of the world, The Palm Island consists of 17 fronds which offer a beautifully splendid beachfront lifestyle to its inhabitants.


The community has everything you could ever wish for and it certainly doesn’t lack at all when it comes to all the vacation amenities that one wishes for. The Villa Canal Cove has a large and beautiful communal garden, several leisure clubs, and fully packed gymnasiums with swimming pools and top of the line gym for its guests.


It is based on our conventional luxurious villa interior design in Dubai aesthetics, which MyPickOne has become synonymous with over the years.

The ‘Boutique’ feel of the interior makes this project truly special for the visitor’s experience.

When it comes to all the previous projects involving luxury villa interior design Dubai our team has worked on before, this private villa is MyPickOne’s signature project. The way in which the interior designers have handled this task is by creating a fusion of two separate styles to create the flawless boutique feel. On one hand, there’s a highly modern and uptown aspect incorporated into the interior and secondly, there are classically styled elements also used to create that olden finesse that makes the place truly unique. Each of the rooms and corners of the house possesses particular qualities that represent both these approaches.


A considerable amount of thought has gone into the themes of this villa. The furniture selected in each room had to give a classical feeling as well as be stylish and functional enough to give the ultimate Dubai experience to the guests. The spaces in this villa have been done up using rich, bright yet extravagant colors. The interior of the bathrooms, living rooms and lounge showcase a more classical style. The room and the kitchen are indicative of a modern style. 

The kitchen and the bedroom have a calming yet luxurious feel. Both have pleasant shades of white and light brown along with fashionable furniture to complement the rooms. The lounge, living room, dining room and especially the bathroom all very decisively are made to give a much more antique feel to the guests. The living room and dining are both quite classical and slightly modern and possess a colour palette of off-whites, maroons, and browns. The bathroom has a very old boutique vibe with strong contrasts of black and white clashing that makes it stand out from the rest of the villa.


Courtesy of one of the most highly sought popular villa interior design companies in Dubai, the Villa Canal Cove lets you enter a world of luxury that is truly unforgettable.