Tiara United Towers


Under Construction


Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Internal environment relieves stress and provides comfort

The Tiara United Towers are two 50-storey towers located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. It is a residential development with a height of approximately 200 meters and lies in close proximity of Business Bay Metro station. Premier Villa interior design companies in Dubai, MyPickOne, have designed its interior.


There are a total of 370 rooms in both towers. The two buildings also contain a grand podium which extends over 6 storeys. This podium has features for the residents of the buildings such as retail outlets for everyday items and a few public areas to enjoy while they stay there. The indoor facilities are not the only fascinating aspect of these buildings.

The Tiara United Towers are also admired for their external design, which interestingly borrows some characteristics of Dubai villa interior design, just to leave our mark. The first is that the outside paneling will be done in a way that the colour scheme of the towers changes depending on the time of day or the angle from which they are looked at. Secondly, there are veins built on the outside to give the buildings the look of a leaf with its veins spreading upwards and grasping the towers. This leaf effect coupled with the lush green gardens and the palm trees near the entrance really gives the place a natural and almost tropical holiday feel. The construction of these upper-end residential buildings was started in 2006 and was completed in 2011. It is representative of a typical average upper-class living residence.


The interior design of these buildings is still currently under construction by the team of MyPickOne. It is based on similar footing as residential interior design Dubai of villas. The exterior aims to provide any person observing the buildings with a fun and relaxing holiday vibe. The interior designers have aptly created an ambience of relaxation within the interior of the towers in a way that it complements and adds to the already attractive exterior. The design team has on several of their other projects succeeded in this pursuit of designing the interior while keeping in mind the external environment of the space. To put the inside and outside of a building in complete harmony with each other still being different and adding their own value is no small feat.

An elegant yet cozy touch has been brought to its interior

This interior aims at maintaining a simplistic and cool look for the apartments, which simultaneously creates a very relaxing and classy environment. The lobby at these apartment towers has a lovely and enriching blend of different shades of brown. From a strong beige to chocolaty tones on the walls to a soothing mud brown for the sofas, all lit up with direct and warm sunlight that gently eases into the wall glass panels, the lobby truly emulates the feeling of relaxation and simplicity, which is seen throughout the entire project.


With our luxury villa interior design Dubai aesthetics, there is no reason why a regular apartment cannot have the same luxurious and elegant feel. That is exactly what the interior designing team has accomplished with the Tiara United Towers. The tones that are used are very earthy while still being fairly vibrant that results in the apartments having a rich aura of homeliness and finesse. The exquisite blend of light grey, brown furniture and dark wood coupled with the off-white walls and soft lighting truly create a beautifully relaxing aesthetic that every home needs.

As with many of MyPickOne’s projects, the effort to make space light up using a perfect blend of natural vs. artificial light is its signature element. Taking a page out our villa interior design in Dubai guidelines, these apartments provide a wealth of convenience to its occupants.

The rooms as well as the bathrooms have toned down and soft yet effective lighting embedded into the paneling of the ceiling. This nonintrusive light is mixed with the natural sunlight that is brought in by large wall-sized glass windows in the bedrooms as well as the bathrooms accompanied with light colored drapes. There is also a constant pattern of straight lines and square designs on the walls and the floor. This gives a feeling of order and balance to the rooms. This kind of pattern displayed in soft and earthy tones gives any guest a feeling of peace and civility to escape the chaos of their lives and unwind in the tranquility of their apartment. The hallways between the rooms are done up in a fairly simple way by using bold shades of dark brown and white. The walls here are occasionally holstering a large painting to add some artistic value to the place while also covering up the bland white length of the walls.

These paintings have colour schemes very similar to the rest of its setting since they match the floor tiles and the general colour combination of the door and walls. This gives a simplistic and dignified feel to the corridors since there is not much pomp or complexity there. This is ideal for a hallway since it’s the place where the residents will spend the least amount of time so over-exaggerating the decoration would not have really achieved much. The interior of the lift area has a strong resemblance to a bank or an office building with a strong contrast of off-white and brightly lit walls against the dark black interior and outline of the lift and its doors. The aura is bold yet peaceful and certainly alluring in its own right.

Designed by one of the most highly sought villa interior design companies in Dubai, MyPickOne brings its own design aesthetics that leaves apartment-seekers spellbound.