The Kebab Shop




Media City, Dubai, UAE

Minimalist and attractive designs that bring the essence of London fast food scene in UAE

The Kebab Shop is a London-based restaurant which specializes in Asian and middle-eastern cuisine. The restaurant has gained a considerable amount of fame globally by setting up successful branches all over the world. The chefs that work there are dedicated to delivering the freshest and cleanest of exotic international foods. The restaurant is known not to compromise on taste and flavor. People from all different cultural backgrounds and countries visit the Kebab Shop to fully experience the Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines in an environment that is trendy, attractive and inviting to its customers. Dubai, as a city, is much different from regular cities where there is a large population of natives who have quite homogenous tastes in food, music and culture.


Dubai is a melting pot of races, ethnicities, religions, and people, most of whom are tourists, from almost every country in the world. This is because Dubai is a tourist hub they are adventurous enough to try new foods. The Kebab Shop has made a name for itself with its exotic and ethnic food which very few places in Dubai offer along with an ambience that is truly unforgettable.


The restaurant is known for its business model, which is based on fulfilling new customer opportunities and innovations that will increase the quality of their service. They have an experienced research and development team that is focused on reinventing new recipes and trying to implement better policies all the time that will lead the Kebab Shop to a bright and successful future. The management at this restaurant will take careful steps to increase the productivity of their service at any chance that they can get. It also keeps coming up with many promotional items and limited-time offers to keep the serve exciting for the people who dine there on a regular basis.


Why the Kebab Shop has succeeded in becoming a favourite among consumers?

Back in 2012, when the London-based eatery relocated to Dubai, the management was keen to find a firm with experience in interior design hotels Dubai. The owners thought that the best approach to creating an inviting environment for the new market would be to take a very minimalist approach in its store design. The minimal setting would create a lot of open space between the well-placed tables and accessories that will make the entire area look less crowded. Thus the customer will notice the openness and feel relaxed instead of feeling frustrated and claustrophobic due to confined spaces.


Being one of the best hotel interior design companies in Dubai, the MyPickOne team was asked to add a fairly fashionable and modern look to the entire place that has the aura of a classy fast food joint. The restaurant, as per request, is brightly illuminated with effective yet soft lighting that really highlights the essence of the modern London and slightly Middle Eastern feel that the Kebab Shop wants to be known for. The shop started out in London, Britain. So even though the place sells a variety of South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, the roots of the shop are purely British. So, the new branches, wherever they may be located, are to also represent that traditional while blending it with trendy outlook found in the rest of London.


The outlook of the interior is highly simplistic to give an easy feel that relaxes guests as they spend time over there. The furniture and walls are given a soft and classy colour scheme involving bright orange or white and a light brown from the wooden paneling. The purpose of the wooden walls and the white and orange coupled with calming straight grey lines on the floor is to give a cozy feeling to the customers while they are eating there. In fact, this cozy arrangement of furniture and interior has previously contributed to the Kebab Shops sales and reputation. Loyal as well as potential customers are intrigued by the comfortable design of the restaurant as well as the selection of food.


In any restaurant, there should be a few factors that compel potential customers to check out the place and give its service a try. The Kebab Shop has a number of such reasons that would make a person want to try it out at least once. The design team has taken special care to make sure they provide the kind of environment that is totally conducive to giving the people a truly wonderful experience. It blends the raw energy of the Middle East with the feel of contemporary London.


Thus creating an ambience designed to specifically relax any customer as they try their luck with fresh and mouth-watering Middle Eastern food. The MyPickOne team has successfully created the kind of atmosphere that allows the casual Dubai tourist or even a resident to sit inside and experience the wonder of the modern London vibe just a drive away from their Dubai residence. The shop is known to accommodate the kind of customers that sit inside and relax with friends and family for hours on end due to the comfortable and relaxed nature of the franchise.


Bringing its years of experience in Dubai hotel interior design, MyPickOne has fostered a casual atmosphere that makes customers feel at home.