The Kebab Shop Franchising




Sport City, Dubai, UAE

Changing the look and feel of The Kebab Shop Franchising

In the summer of 2010, the first Kebab Shop was opened. It was a family business at the start, but it soon expanded into prime locations of Dubai and other key areas. The founding members own all the locations and it has now become a go-to place for wholesome, tasty food. The brand is solely concerned with making great food. Surprisingly, 80% of the customers are the existing customers whose belief in a product’s quality remains unmoved.


The concept of donner kebab is hardly original, it is found all over the globe, particularly in European belt where it is huge popular as a street-selling food. Due to this reason, its popularity has soared over the years, reaching the Middle East, too.


One of the recently trending restaurant design ideas, which owners have in particular warmed up to, is ‘rustic’ space. These spaces are a careful blend of the elements, which form a finished and updated space while placing modern elements alongside. Rustic elements include factory-feeling pieces and wood. It does not surprise us in the least bit that rustic-industrial style has taken the world of interior design by storm. From exposed finishes to structural elements, lighting and industrial-inspired furniture, we do not doubt that the style aesthetic is going away anytime soon.


Looking at The Kebab Shop Franchising, we aspired to strike this look and feel in its environs without being too much giving the feeling of ‘old school’.


It is common knowledge that when a rustic-industrial design is designed and executed with precision, it always feels dated. It actually engenders a positive experience and keeps the desire for a classical dining experience burning.

Rustic style is making a comeback

During the last decade, the restaurant-owners have noticed a rise in awareness about sustainability and resources allocation. Due to this reason, authenticity and individualism set restaurants apart from the competition. Customers are liable to trust them since they are original in their method. This has given rise to the birth of rustic industrial trend, which is here to stay for reasons that will become apparent later.


As is the case, modern interior design styles are rapidly becoming popular in this day and age. This compels people to escape into a retreat mode and this is the reason why rustic interiors have made a comeback. There is something about a restaurant, which gives off a homey-ambience alongside mouth-watering food.


Being in the interior design hotels Dubai industry, we know that wallpapers and white walls are quickly taking a step back. Wooden paneling is now in and is here to stay. Wood helps to foster a warm feeling, which is essential for maximum footfall and inviting fresh faces in the space. It has been observed that people find spaces composed of wood much more inviting than those that are without wood. Wood spawns’ instant familiarity and creates a welcoming environment. The design of the restaurant to switch to this design aesthetic is much more appreciable.      


Steering clear from the usual Dubai hotel interior design, a rustic-styled restaurant is all the more welcoming to weary and hungry customers. Our primary elements involved distressed finishes, rattan furniture and wooden accents. The resultant look is relatively shabby but looks chic nevertheless. The Kebab Shop Franchising with its product offering could definitely stir hunger pangs among the consumers with its warmish atmosphere and cozy ambience. It helps in fostering camaraderie and comfortable environs will make repeat customers.

Complementing the interior décor of this restaurant, wooden furniture further complements this aesthetic style. It fosters an organic feeling and creates a vibrancy that cannot be replicated by other materials. Interestingly, it is not just a fad. It has been used for innumerable generations and offers timeless quality.


For this particular restaurant, we have used lighter-colored wood as opposed to darker ones. That would have been a mismatch with the inner environs. It has added aesthetic allure to the restaurant. It has allowed us to create a natural world indoors. For those living in this concrete jungle, a sense of nature is very much welcome and wood is the perfect element to achieve this. It has helped bring warmth to otherwise sterile surroundings. The cozy atmosphere will ensure superb camaraderie, and the comfortable atmosphere will be sure to invite the customers a second time.


The minimalistic aesthetic is quite appealing to the millennial generation. Touches of metal such as chrome and pops of colour add details that create an uncluttered look. Furthermore, the clean lines with luxurious finishes instantly grab their attention. 


The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and consumers have more choices than they did ever before. As one of the major hotel interior design companies in Dubai, we believe that the design aesthetic of a restaurant is just as important as its food quality and customer service. This is why it is necessary to create an atmosphere, which is inviting and hospitable. It impacts the emotions of the customers and in turn influences their experience, too. The design gets the consumers through the door and compels them to return willfully. It even initiates word of mouth marketing and it is all due to a rustic setting that uplifts their mood.


In conclusion, The Kebab Shop Franchising fosters an alluring charm with its rustic style that makes it quite welcoming for new customers, while keeping this charm intact for existing consumers. It gives off this home-away-home vibe to the tourists and locals alike.