Residence Puglia




Lecce, Italy

The interior represents the antique and olden beauty found in the Italian town of Lecce

Puglia easily takes the cake for being one of the most famous regions in Italy. For those who have fallen head over heels in love with Italy, it has everything to offer. Ancient towns, extravagant churches and footprints of many cultures and conquerors who have set foot here. Tourists and travellers who aspire to take a step back from Tuscany and Campania can seek refuge here. Known as Florence of the South, it is one of the most beautiful, but lesser renowned towns.


MyPickOne, with its vast experience in Dubai villa interior design, took the opportunity of creating the interior of this residential house, which is located inside an ancient structure in Lecce. Tourists are drawn to this residence because of its warm and inviting atmosphere, courtesy of work done by one of the best villa interior design companies in Dubai. The interior has been made to give a classical and antique touch and feel by using traditional Italian and Lecce interior and furniture.


The team completed the entire design by 2013 and it rendered a feel, which is both stylish as well as living true to the roots of the town with traditional Italian architectural aspects, which are pleasant sights for any visitors.


MyPickOne’s team specializes in finding harmony between the external and internal environments of the location that they are working on. The idea is to take the essence of the outside environment and incorporate it with the interior design of the inside portion. The architecture has been given an interesting mix of modern and classical tones. A lot of the furniture is highly trendy and a lot possesses antique qualities, which resonate with the spirit of the old town.

Intricate details of the building evokes the ancient essence of the city

The interior of the structure is many things but the one aspect that stands out is the artistic antique look of the building is the entire spectacle. The rooms inside have brightly colored window panes presented in classical European designs. The furniture used in all parts of the building has a fun contrast with the walls. Whereas the walls are strong white, the furniture inside is a blend of prominent browns and bright colourful tones that stand out from the walls and gives a feeling of organized chaos.


This combination is truly stunning and is one of the reasons why the new interior has added so much aesthetic value to the entire place. The lounge, much like the other rooms have the Lecce street essence embedded in them. This is displayed by the neat arrangement of the colourful painting and the vibrant themes of the furniture surrounding the fireplace. All of these elements are in contrast to the pure white walls that make up this ancient site. The staircase on the outside that leads up to the roof has the feeling of a lost town in some historical part of Europe.


There is a lovely patio in the building decorated with artistically and brightly painted chairs that are once again in contrast with the rest of the walls and architecture. However, the team at MyPickOne have realized that this chaotic combination actually works well and creates an environment that is both relaxing as well as fun and colourful.


This unique idea of combining the two worlds of modern fashion and vintage Italian furnishing has been executed to perfection. It has created a new and attractive ambience for this residential area in Lecce, Italy. Certain design elements of villa interior design in Dubai are borrowed due to their common application. For instance, by making use of construction methods, the construction was allowed adequate lighting and air. This is a staple feature of our luxury villa interior design Dubai. By using local construction techniques, the studio made ensured the building is light, airy and cool.

The idea, while trying to cater to the customer and providing them with a comfortable and classy residential experience, is also about not letting them forget where they are. Many tourists and foreigners occupy this building as well as locals. The tourists have obviously come to the southern region of Italy to experience the entirety of the culture in Puglia (which is a southern region of Italy). Therefore, it’s a good assumption that they are well aware of modern furniture and prefer the aspects of the design that are most like the town that they are visiting. The roof of the residence has been set up, giving a feeling of a time when this structure was constructed. There are old traditional pots and tools.


The walls are white painted which is fading from parts and there are old tools and items that give the entire roof a raw, yet wild historical feeling which many tourists instantly take a liking to. They could have gotten a modern hotel experience almost anywhere else but they chose this place due to its historical significance and unique architectural style. The reason why achieving this old and worn out feel of ancient Italy is incredible, is because there are a large number of people who want more than just comfortable accommodation.


They travel to witness the true and unfiltered reality of the places that they are visiting. Turning every cultural landmark into a modern utopia defeats the purpose of travelling. The team working on this interior has understood that very well.


All in all, traditional aspects of residential interior design Dubai were handy in filling the key gaps in this construction, making it ideal for those who prefer life at a slow pace.