Residence in Paris




Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris, France

The strong use of classical design brings out the artistic essence of the city.

This alluring residence in Paris is located in the famous and historically-rich Saint Germain. The structure, which is known for its cultural importance, is a major French landmark and can be found right in the heart of Paris. Saint Germain, as well as the areas around it, are home to some many French literary geniuses who have produced some of their best work. The complex and artistic history of these Paris streets dates back to the middle ages. Today, these streets and Saint Germain are a national treasure and are surrounded by fashionable boutiques and cafes for all the residents and tourists who stay there. It, of course, also houses a number of high-end and lavish luxury apartments.


The luxurious duplex located in this area of Saint Germain is built to provide its travellers and tourists with an ultimate and extravagant European experience. Interestingly, some of the design aesthetics are borrowed from our internally established protocols for luxury villa interior design Dubai. People who visit this place not only come for a good time but also for the historical significance of their abode. Saint Germain is, in fact, the oldest church in Paris, being built in the 6th century. For a while, it was also the wealthiest church in France and was thus sacked and raided by Vikings. Therefore, the residents staying at this Duplex may very well also be staying due to its importance in the long history of France. The area represents the essence of the French culture and that is exactly the kind of experience these Duplex apartments will offer.

Designed by one of the best villa interior design companies in Dubai city, the interior of these apartments was completed in 2017. It replicates the cultural and olden aspects of the Saint Germain’s architecture that is known in France for its intriguing and unique look. The interior design has been done up as lavishly as possible. The rooms, as well as the lounge and all other furniture, are a tribute to the artistic nature of the area that it’s located in. Thus, the place has this sleek and well thought out, yet very antique vibe that is a solid representation of the typical classical European style.


The apartments, due to the demands of the owners, have a highly simplistic and minimalist design. Reason being that this will give a very relaxing and clean look to the entire spectacle. It has also simultaneously been proving open spaces in the residence that give a spacious and uncluttered feel to anyone present; allowing them to think more clearly and also be able to relax and enjoy themselves with more ease.

An environment that relaxes the guest and intrigues them as well.

These apartments flawlessly succeed in blending our conventional Dubai villa interior design. It also provides the perfect environment for living stylishly and lavishly. It evokes a traditional European essence, which is a part and parcel of these constructions. The old and fairly ‘Boutique’ feel that is provided also takes into account the type of colour tones that are present in the homes. Rich and vibrant shades of white, brown, black, red, and beige are used to display the level of luxury and European subtlety that the customer would expect from a residence of this class. The tones used are not very over-the-top, however, they have an elegance to them. 


The colour tones are vibrant and contrasting in nature. Colors used in each room are slightly varied, but they complement the furniture and the style of the interior. From bright reds to whites to rich wooden browns, the entire colour scheme manages to be sophisticated and daring. The elegance with which minimalism has been added to a traditional setting is very well executed.


The living rooms in the apartments have white walls and grand classical designs. Certain rooms have large and beautiful chandeliers to accentuate the beauty of the French interior and display the lush essence of the rooms. The rooms have traditional looking mirrors as well as other accessories that add to the French feel of the entire Duplex.

For those familiar with our villa interior design in Dubai aesthetics, you may find a calculated level of modernity and simplicity found in the bathrooms and the bedroom. This aspect of the design makes sure to add a level of functionality to the entire duplex residence. The sleek minimalist design mixed and incorporated with the classical one is a purposeful move executed by the design team who are adept at it. Often their designs make a strategic effort at the harmony achieved between styles that represent their external environment, and minimal techniques that offer a calm and serene aura for people who live there. In short, our very own Dubai residential interior design team created a fashionable and attractive indoor space that is both classical in its look and feel and practical at the same time.


Rest assured, Residence in Paris is a healthy blend of elegance and function that you truly desire.