Oberoi Resort




Ajman, UAE

Why should Oberoi Resort be your next destination?

The Oberoi Group is a famous hoteling chain with head office in Delhi. Established back in 1934, the regional giant in the hospitality industry currently holds 35 luxury hotels along with 2 cruise ships. It is present in 6 countries, all under the umbrella of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts as well as Trident Hotel brands.


Al Zorah is only a short drive from central Dubai, yet it feels like a world of its own. Enveloped by 1 million sq. meters of mangroves and beautiful white sand beaches that downtime shelter to biodiversity, Al Zorah also boasts of a lush golf course for its occupants.


The Oberoi Beach Resort is conveniently located inside Al Zorah, within the Ajman region. This resort has its very own private beach area, sun terrace and guests can enjoy so much during their stay here. Being one of the most in-demand hotel interior design companies in Dubai, we have designed this beach resort in terms of a retreat. It is a place where you can kick back and have some much-needed me-time. The resort is well known for its panoramic ocean vistas, white sand beaches and sophisticated architecture that leaves the visitors mesmerized.   


From an architectural perspective, the resort is a fine blend of contemporary design. Inspiration has been taken from Europe and America, whereas classical design involves antique pieces, which are borrowed from Africa, China, Japan, India and Europe.

Paradise awaits you at Oberoi Resort

What if you wanted a holiday of a lifetime? Your search ends with The Oberoi Beach Resort where you can find swaying palm trees, free-form pools and pristine white sand beaches that leaves you in a trance. It is a haven for weary travellers and tourists to savor a moment of relaxation while impeccable service at their disposal during their stay. Championing Dubai hotel interior design, we have designed this resort to fulfil your ambition of indulging in a luxurious retreat. The detailing of this luxurious escapade has been undertaken on footings of luxurious resorts.


The luxurious beach resort is segmented into 3 platforms which run parallel to the ocean and every building is positioned keeping its function in mind. The buildings’ height increases so to provide a superior view of the ocean for all the tourists. It is the first of its kind 5-star resort in Ajman.


With international cuisine, superlative accommodation, personalized spa treatments, tantalizing food and beachside dining, we have paid intuitive attention to all your vacation needs.


The nearest airport is the Sharjah International Airport, which is 3.1 miles from The Oberoi Beach Resort. Free parking is available on the premises. Home to a range of water sports, the guests can enjoy golfing along with a myriad of activities and make their memories worth reliving over and over again.


The well-renowned resort has garnered a reputation for its spacious rooms, wide terraces and villas which have temperature-controlled pools. Not only that, the rooms have private baths, and bathrobes and slippers. Among many of its highlights, it has the Vinesse and Aquario restaurants and poolside bar. The resort truly comes alive at the beach restaurant (Aquario) since the place has a contemporary outlook reflects the conventional oriental architecture, resulting in a restaurant that consists of walkways and different pavilions. 

From furniture, artwork selection, fine linen too much, much more, the arriving visitors have everything they need, thanks to our planning and expertise. As experts of interior design hotels Dubai city, we have everything covered when it comes to laying the interior décor foundations of such spaces.  


From a vacation point of view, cool, white sand beaches under a starry sky are nothing short of magical on their own. Whether you swirl a cocktail or sip a martini, your choice of food is cooked to perfection, be it veggies, meats or seafood for that matter. Better yet, the barbeque by the sea is a terrific option for family/friends dining, making these moments all the more pleasing and memorable.


More to the point, after a wonderful day of holidaying, we all deserve a hearty dinner. Our pool deck is the ideal location for a sit-down and have a mouth-watering barbecue under the stars. Complementing this picture-perfect location, a vast selection of cuisines await you, specially prepared to satiate your taste buds.  


From a relaxation vantage point, the spa space has been designed in a manner that maximizes your comfort with a range of spa and beauty treatments. You can spoil yourself in luxurious treatment rooms and elegantly designed spaces that put your relaxation and comfort front and centre. You may need a spa day, spa break or just a one-off treatment, we have something that might suit you.   

The Oberoi Beach Resort is more than just a holiday destination. Our multipurpose interior décor makes it ideal for birthday and wedding celebrations. Customized events are our specialty and being in the business, we are all the more aware of it. Professional events, the likes of which include seminars, conferences and product launches, it is ideal for such initiatives just the same.

The Oberoi Beach Resort has been created as an idyllic sanctuary for you and the family. Regardless of an expansive extended family or just a standard family, we have the suite which provides you with the right fit that you need. With mesmerizing beachfront views and personalized services, your vacations are liable to be one of the most precious moments of your lifetime.