Dubai Design District, UAE

How the aesthetically pleasing design of the workplace represents a reflection of competence.

MY PICK ONE specializes in developing plans for residential, hospitality and office interior design Dubai. Over the years, it has met and fulfilled the interior design needs of various clientele. The sort of designs that the business is particularly famous for, are ones that are simplistic yet very aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. The focus behind many of the designs and interior choices they make is minimalism and an emphasis on open spaces and naturally well-lit spaces.


Another reason for why there is a push towards comfort and a relaxed environment in their designs is because of an unspoken philosophy where they want to give the feeling of ‘home’ to their employees. This means that they will feel increasingly confident and relaxed in their thought process, which is bound to increase the employees’ productive capacity as well as attract a more creative environment. The designers that are working for MY PICK ONE strive to create an aura of peace and harmony through their designs. Designs that excel in both functionality and also luxury. This unique type of style is what truly defines the business and its approach with its clients.

Designers try to notice the little details and intricacies of spaces and then use that knowledge to create a result where absolutely nothing goes unnoticed and the people are taken away by the potential in terms of space and style that the team has utilized from any given room. The service that is provided by the MyPickOne designers is highly personalized and customized to best fit the personality and tastes of the people that will reside in that space. The same level of customized and detailed attention has been paid to their own offices.


Very special care has been taken to assess the likes and preferences of the staff and employees there when picking out several aspects of the interior design. This includes the way the light enters the rooms and from where as well. It also involves the arrangement of the tones and patterns. The colour scheme of the different areas of the office is also chosen on this same basis.

The relaxed and aesthetically pleasing environment is a reminder of the professional and unmatched level of service that is offered by the team that has perfected the art of fulfilling the clients’ personal vision mixed with the designers own intuition and skill.

The style of Colorful Chic – An intentional choice in creating a pleasant environment.

Possibly one of the biggest goals of the design team is that they ‘preserve the natural beauty’ of whichever place that they work on. An effort is made not to lose the integrity and character of the building that they work on and to fully figure out the external environment before work is begun on the internal so that both aspects of the workplace perfectly complement each other. This is a key reason why minimalism works so well.

Since it least strips away the natural aura and vibe of a room and emphasizes on getting rid of any over the top or distracting features in a place and fills it with a spacious and efficient yet fun workspace. This is exactly the same description that can be used for their own workspace.

The business has put a decent amount of thought in the implementation of an urban chic look to their office interior design Dubai. This style is cool and it manages to be modern and classy without losing any of the professional feels that is demanded by a serious working environment. The urban feel might not be the best approach towards their clients’ interior design needs, but is also an indication of the type of people who are employed. The high raked ceilings and the natural light coupled with the placement of wooden chairs and curtain barriers gives the new entrant a feel of the relaxed and homely environment that the workers feel best suited to work in.

On the other hand, the clear cut and minimalist design of the desks and the functionality based organization of the desks and shelves is reflective of the fact that the workers are result-oriented and efficient. Similarly, the colour tones have a fun contrast between blacks, whites and bright colors that pop out and give the office a vibrant and uplifting feel yet still maintaining a level of formality in them. Sunlight is cleverly coupled with electric lights which are not too overpowering and well placed. This combination strives to achieve the same results as the colour tones and the placement of furniture. People in these spaces feel freer and more comfortable which makes them work harder and longer which is beneficial for the firm in turn.


Almost anyone who visits the offices and observes the level of detail that is incorporated in the design would want the same level of professionalism and style in their own offices. After all, it is an employer’s obligation to foster an environment that makes employees comfortable. An environment in which their productivity will increase and so will their job satisfaction as they start to enjoy their work and look forward to coming in and contributing to the business. That is something, which the right kind of interior design is able to accomplish, and the type of feat that this company has fully understood.


Thus, the result is an experience for the employees that will be satisfying to the extent that they take pride in what they do and enjoy it as well.

MY PICK ONE is one of those office interior design companies in Dubai whose reputation precedes itself.