MAN Corp




Binary Tower by Omniyat, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

A fresh and more fun look to the office will create a happier workforce

MAN Corp is a trading company that  was founded in the year 2018 with its headquarters in Dubai. was founded on the basis of providing the most efficient and economic trade solution for both producers and end users within the non-ferrous and ferrous commodity field; no matter the position in the value chain. It is a privately-owned company which has a limited labor force, which is, less than 20 employees currently working in the offices. 


The company aims to connect global players within the industry to ensure consistent supply of quality products and in doing so ensure long lasting and beneficial relationships are cultivated, as this principle is at the core of our business. With strategic partners and relationships in Geneva, London, Dubai, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China MAN Corp are able to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of their customers given their dynamic needs and also the dynamic market changes they see on a daily basis. Providing the best value to their customers is essential in every front from market information to product quality and seamless logistics, they adhere to the highest standards in all facets of their business. 


Based on the office interior design Dubai ideation, the look and feel of the interior was executed after quite a lot of deliberation. The way that the paneling and furniture are placed is trendy and new much like the company itself. The offices and pathways have a distinctively futuristic and an edgy look. This digital and tech-inspired look combined with a raw and natural feel is perfectly representative of the values of innovation and new fresh ideas that the company is built on.

A vibe of positivity and productiveness arises from the intricacy of the interior

There are numerous aspects of the interior design which prove its creative and effective feel. First off, the futuristic and new-age tech feel coupled with the professional business setting conveys to any visitor exactly the sort of work atmosphere that can be expected at the company. Secondly, apart from these two distinctive yet complementary aspects, another element is present. It is the very raw and unpolished street feel to the offices. This aspect is more to do with the overall look and style of the place.


Whether it’s the naked ceiling or the open glass wall view outside the rooms or the natural wood paneling, the interior designers have put a sense of style and finesse to the entire outlook of the offices. When the interior design was in process, the higher executives especially wanted a focus on the integration of natural sunlight with a highly cool and minimalist approach. The inside of the rooms thus portrays a look that is fairly lavish and yet work-friendly and uplifting. This results in a general office vibe that is productive yet fun-filled and exciting.


The type of furniture that was chosen for the office space was based on its coziness and level of comfort and elegance. This feature has the aim of giving the employees a relaxed and cozy work environment where they will feel more at ease while working. The chairs that are seen in any of the pictures are a testament to this pursuit of a comfortable and productive environment. They have a relaxing design that also looks stylish and is brightly colored which is the type of furniture appropriate for an ambitious and new tech agency like this one.

The application of the paint and the colour scheme of the walls have been applied as purposefully by the company executives as the other parts of the interior. The colors used on the walls, and by extension the entire office, are designed and aimed at having a positive and uplifting effect on company morale. The bright oranges and yellows serve the purpose to give a happy and uplifting feel to the work environment whilst also getting rid of any gloominess in the office.


There is a conscious effort made by the design team to use glass-paneled walls in various places around the office. These walls consist of a thick transparent, or more so translucent, design made of glass cubes placed neatly and orderly. This effect is to intentionally give a modern and surreal feel to the offices. The walls with this certain theme are also designed and placed in a way that somehow perfectly fits with the rest of the techy yet relaxed feel that the Binary offices have achieved with their interior.


There are a number of nicely placed plants around the office to brighten up the atmosphere with an intentionally nature-oriented feel that is designed to soothe the people present there. Green is a calming colour and so the blend of plants scattered around a tech firm operating with new software is quite an interesting and original interior combo. It perfectly illustrates the comfortable and relaxed personalities of the employees working there combined with the efficient and up to date streamlined office culture that the institution is well-known for.


When a customer or client walks in, they won’t be intimidated by the general coldness and clinical feel of most IT offices. Instead, the hip furniture and the occasional wild plant will relax them by creating a more homely environment that possesses the kind of ambience that will make them feel good to be there. This ever-inviting feel is a nice touch to the Binary offices, usually happens when the project is in hands of the best office interior design companies in Dubai.