Jumeirah Beach Villa


Under Construction


Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah Beach villas are one of a kind

The Jumeirah Beach is popular as a white sand beach, situated near the Jumeirah district and named after it. The beach is flocked by tourist’s all-year-round, let alone during peak vacation months. But for those individuals and peace aficionados, looking to avoid crowds, Jumeirah beach villas offer everything they could ever need.

One of the major metropolitan areas in Dubai, Jumeirah’s ideal positioning near the beach makes it terrific for beachside lifestyle. Rich in history, the area was previously known as Chicago Beach and is now home to Arabs and well-off expats.

With Jumeirah beach villas, you can immerse yourself in opulence and grandeur that truly stands apart. Its soaring architecture along with French Polynesian décor, these villas offer you a slice of paradise that you would never wish to leave. Impeccable features and splendid comfort level is what you get in any section of the house.

These villas are a class apart. The soft white sands along with the shimmering waters of the beach are right at your doorstep. A Jacuzzi and private pool, which is surrounded by a sundeck, you can relax, swim or do just anything in general you like. Surrounding you are the scents, sights and tranquility of tropical Polynesian island. Designed by one of the most highly sought-after villa interior design companies in Dubai, these villas offer everything for your family and children. Not to mention family as well as close friends who can enjoy this idyllic escape for the weekend. With a master suite and four light-filled bedrooms, the villa offers immense room to all of your visitors. Experience the true freedom and grandeur of this retreat designed for this purpose specifically. 


We took the liberty of modernizing the villa segment in Dubai city, as it is a highly sought-after commodity in the real estate market. The modernization and luxury finishes were in conjunction with the stylized needs in this upmarket leisure sector. This has been done to keep an edge from the existing competition in the real estate market. Being one of the premier Dubai villa interior design entities in the city, we bring class and comfort in our design aesthetics.

Facilities and Interior of Jumeirah Beach Villa

Using our traditional luxury villa interior design Dubai guidelines, these offers two entertainment rooms and three bedrooms. Private gym, walk-in closet and master suite are additional perks of this villa. Our high ceiling living rooms are perfect for laidback evenings with friends and family. Near the kitchen is a splendid and airy dining room that use natural sunlight to light up the room via floor to ceiling windows.  


These villas offer a stunning retreat, which redefines beauty. Not just that, it also boasts direct access to sandy beaches along with the Indian Ocean. Its interior is nothing short of spectacular.


The glass walls and windows overlook your private pool, sundeck and Jacuzzi. Beyond that, you can enjoy the pristine Jumeirah beach and its white sand. It is truly a spectacle watching the sunrise and sunset.

Be it a quiet breakfast on your deck, entertaining and social gatherings, exquisite food always makes the entire experience more delightful. This is why the kitchen is a vital part of any particular luxury villa. In any given Dubai villa interior design, we offer expensive and trendy kitchen layouts that combine luxury features covering a complete range of dining experience, including social occasions, barbecue on your deck or even grabbing a bite on the breakfast bar.

A blend of lighting, materials and colors combines to give a feel-good touch to your kitchen. The timber walls accentuate the beauty of the kitchen while marble tiling provides comfort during the summer season. Our usage of floor to ceiling glass sliding or open plan design allows free flow of communication with your occupants of the villa. It also facilitates easy access to the outdoor environment, thanks to our modernistic designs. As part of our signature residential interior design Dubai aesthetics, we design kitchens that form an essential part of a comfortable life.

When it comes to conventional villa interior design in Dubai for bathrooms, we use innovative bathroom designs for our villas. Exquisite marble provides the necessary luxury feel to a bathroom while natural limestone is another widely used option, depending on what fits best. We think that bathrooms should also be lit with natural lighting. This is done with louver windows and floor to ceiling glass, allowing ample natural light to enter the inner surroundings. Our bathrooms are detailed in terms of the weather in the region. Keeping that in mind, we facilitate occupants to our maximum capacity.

Luxurious living spaces are essential to making your lifestyle much more sublime. We make use of the existing space with our diversified experience to transform the living space to give it a resort-ish feel. The living spaces in these villas are personalized to accommodate large gatherings. Depending on the look and feel, we prefer to use timber or stone to beautify the inner environs. With ample ventilation and light, you can enjoy the outdoorsy feeling even when inside. Airy ceilings and expansive glass, which is framed by stone/timber, gives a rustic feeling to the overall inner space.


These villas are in close proximity to major hotels and other landmarks, including Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park, Burj Al Arab Hotel along with Madinat Jumeirah and various shopping malls and hotels.

Due to this reason, there is all the more reason to purchase these picturesque and idyllic villas while you are it.