Fendi Boutique Shop





How a business strives to use a limited space to make a big difference

Fendi is an Italian company that specializes in luxury and fashion products. The items they make consists of ready-to-wear clothing, exotic furs, leather goods, glasses, shoes, fragrances and other fashion accessories of the sort. The company specializes in being one of the businesses that lead the fashion accessory industry in style, taste and edge. An example is their various fur and leather products, including the ‘Baguette’ and 2jours, which started the spread of their popularity when they first began. This company was founded in 1925 in Rome, Italy, by two sisters Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Their speciality lies in women’s clothing and accessories. Since 2001, Fendi joined the LVMH group and now is a multinational brand that acts as a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton.


As of now, they have 194 stores around the globe. A key ingredient in the success of the stores in the way that space is utilized for sales. The aura and general vibe of the stores have to, of course, reflect the type of merchandise being sold in those stores. A store selling high quality and top of the line handbags, leather goods and expensive furs has to display a certain level of prestige in the way that they are decorated. That is exactly what the Fendi brand has accomplished with its retail outlets.

The design team that has worked on Fendi’s new retail outlets, as per the demands of the business, has created outlets where the space provided for the store has been utilized in such a way that makes the best use of its potential. The design has been handled by MyPickOne. The schematic for particular shop interior design Dubai has been revised as per new plans. The tones used are soft and rich to convey the luxurious nature of the store. The placement of lights and furniture bring an aesthetically executed practicality into the outlet. These choices of interior design aimed at giving the customers an ideal shopping experience.


The customers in the new outlets have a worthwhile time where every item is lit up and displayed in a manner that is attention-grabbing. The merchandise is placed in an attractive and elegant manner throughout the store. At no point does the display of items and furniture overwhelm or confuse the customer. The customers can feel relaxed as they browse the catalogues that Fendi has to offer in their cozy and warmish outlets.  


The brand is able to sell high end and lavish accessories with an outlet that is neither ostentatious nor too extravagant. In fact a reason for these new stores seemingly so inviting and easy to shop from, is the level of simplicity that has been incorporated into the interior design. This level of stylized simplicity is achieved by the company’s focus on minimalism. It provides the buyer with a comfortable environment where they can take their time to decide what they want and the setup is such that the customer has a clear view of what they want and what new items the store has in line.

Interior design that manages to create an ambience that exudes style and homeliness


The conventional restaurant interior design Dubai is inapplicable keeping in mind the nature of this project. People are most comfortable when they feel at home. It is also when they feel most comfortable and relaxed that they feel like staying. If a store has qualities that attract their customers and manages to be an inviting space for them, then it is a given that the owners fully understand the effect that the right interior design can have on the ambience of a place. The new Fendi stores are a great example of that very customer-driven business ideology. Presentation plays a big part in sales and its importance is fully realized by the way in which these outlets display their merchandise.


The design team that worked on these stores consists of highly trained architects and designers that have put a lot of thought into the way that these outlets are fashioned. The team took a decisive choice to make the stores have a very luxurious and homely design that makes customers feel safe and at ease while it also maximizes the effectiveness with which customers shop. The minimalistic and elegant design is also known for raising worker productivity as workers feel more at home and happier considering the homely and lavish nature of the stores. The quality of these news outlets is a major source for not just the productivity of the workers but also the ease of shopping for the customers. The architectural inspiration behind commercial interior design Dubai is its blend of classy and elegant feel, which exudes the undeniable prestige of the brand Fendi. The outlet manages to be aesthetically pleasing to any passers-by and the beautifully executed minimalist design invites them into the lovely and relaxing ambience and peaceful aura of the interior.


When it comes to creative designs for commercial interior design Dubai, MyPickOne is best of the lot, facilitating form and function 

Apart from that, the shelves and tables displaying antique and valuable French artefacts and cutlery add to the entire lavish Duplex experience for the guests who stay there. With soft lighting yet simple designs making up the interior of the bedroom, the residents are drawn to the structural integrity of the place. Every corner of this Duplex is unapologetically artistic and classy, thus turning the entire look of the residence to a grand spectacle – it is a treat for the weary eyes.


The interior displays a grand display of aesthetics mixed with a typical Parisian feel. This ideal combination is extremely simple and minimal in its presentation to not only impress any visitor with the class and style of the duplex, but also create a soothing environment to enjoy the most romantic city on earth.

By blending elements of residential interior design Dubai with that of French architecture, the duplex easily stands out from the crowd.