HH Palace




Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE

A kingly alluring interior

Renowned for its creative residential interior design Dubai designs, MyPickOne has given this project special care and consideration. This interior serves the purpose of decorating the grand palace of distinguished Arab royalty. Thus, the precision and focus dedicated to the execution of this task has been handled with great care and thought. The particular member of UAE royalty in question here is the famous and exalted deputy ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


The prosperous ruler of one of the most famous destinations in the world also holds the position of being the Minister of Finance and Industry of the United Arab Emirates. The palace belonging to the monarch in Dubai is as grand and ostentatious as any modern palace belonging to royalty. The structure keeps a blend between modern western and classical eastern themes and spares no expense in displaying its lavishness.  


The interior of the grand Dubai Palace took time in the design and planning process. This is because a level of grandeur and display found in stately accommodations had to be replicated. Certain elements of the Dubai villa interior design were also considered.


The difficult and time-consuming task of creating this perfectly royal and lush environment was given to MyPickOne as part of an interior design competition. It was organized by the government of Dubai to let local and prosperous companies specializing in interior design to have the opportunity to create the inside look for His Highness’s Dubai palace. Thus, this perfectly exquisite palace interior was a result of MyPickOne’s participation in this competition where they have blown away the competition by their meticulous detail and thoroughness. They have created a majestic tapestry of elegant, royal and yet simplistic designs that succeed in doing justice to the royal palace of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


The design was created and finished in 2016 and tries best to find an appropriate mix between the royal and lavish standards of any royal palace and the interior design companies own signature style of simplicity and minimalism that it mostly incorporates into most of its designs.

A palace decorated to be as intriguing as it is relaxing.

After the task of designing the interior of the extravagant palace of Arab royalty; His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum was allowed to choose the best from the rest. MyPickOne not only took active participation in the challenge to decorate the royal halls of the influential prince but also managed to accomplish a monumental task and do it justice to it as well. The result that the studio came up with is nothing short of what Aladdin would stay in if he lived in the 21st century.


The style of the interior fully masters the simplicity and serenity that is a prevalent part of many designs found in villa interior design in Dubai luxury properties. Yet it does so in a way, which does not let the guest forget that this belongs to royalty and has thus been built and furnished accordingly.


The colour themes that have been used are rich and vibrant colors consisting of natural browns, baby pinks, complementary shades of blacks, whites, greys, and a fair amount of gold. The shades of the sofas in the lounge are a toned-down turquoise that is pleasing to the eye and doesn’t strike out too much from the white and gold furniture and paneling. The idea is for the feel to be lavish and elegant without it being too overwhelming to the eye. Thus there is a purposeful effort to add an underlying sense of peace and serenity that makes anyone residing there forget their worries and feel as relaxed as they have ever been. The perfect illustration of this can be seen in the lounge.


Where you have symmetrical and elegantly placed rectangular glass structures that reside over the serene and calming body of water decorated with plants next to the sitting area. The kind of result received by this interior is one that many modern managers try to create in their hotels. The ability to relax and ease your guests into a euphorically sublime state where they forget their worries is a truly amazing ability that has been achieved by this interior design.


Taking a leaf from the luxury villa interior design Dubai’s book, the entire area has been set up beautifully and the use of space and furniture is simple, attractive, and fits well with the rest of the interior. Each room is distinctive and different from the other. This has been done to cut down the monotony. This entire lounge, as well as many of the rooms, have been lit up in a style very familiar to many other projects that the design company has worked on, of course on a slightly grander scale.


It’s a very natural and well-managed blend of sunlight and artificial light where the open spaces of the minimalist design and brightly lit up yet none of the lightings is too overpowering which guests could potentially find annoying. Instead, the lighting serves to fully bring out the grandeur and the amazingly detailed decoration of the palace whilst also playing part in fostering calm and relaxing energy of the rest of the interior.


As one of the most sought-after villa interior design companies in Dubai, MyPickOne has worked its magic with HH Palace, which will outlast many years to come.