Emirates Golf Club Villa


Under Construction


Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, UAE

Enter the premises of this villa which offers a new world

How do you define a villa? It is a living space that was popular amongst the upper class of Romans. Interestingly, with the passage of time, the concept of the villa has evolved. They were used for farming purposes and at times by the Church as a monastery. In modern parlance, a villa is a residential space, fit with amenities and options that blend class and comfort. There are many types of villas. Keeping the conventional luxury villa interior design Dubai in mind, we bring our own signature style to villas, courtesy of the creative freedom and vast experience of our professionals.

The Emirates Golf Club Villa invites you to indulge in breath-taking views and relax in the luxury that this exclusive hideaway provides you, thanks to what we bring to Dubai villa interior design.

From an architectural perspective, this villa blends style and refinement, courtesy of immense attention to detail and great care. With idyllic bedrooms and spacious living area, be it your friends and family, they are likely to be spoiled by the broad range of facilities and amenities in this villa. Here, you can truly unwind with complete peace of mind, away from the hustle and bustle of major hoteling chains. Whether you love to catch the early rays of the sun or wish to see the sun setting ahead, the views that truly unforgettable and mesmerizing to say the least.


The swimming pool lets you blow off some summer heat (given how temperatures in the region are), while you can bask in the evening sunshine after taking a short dip.


Inside the Emirates Golf Club Villa, another world awaits you. With magnificent living spaces, the marble walls combine with the natural wood and custom-made Italian furniture and lighting fixtures, resulting in creating a one of a kind contemporary ambience and post-modern feel. When you enter the premises of this villa, you will immediately look upon a splendid swimming pool and a lush garden by its side. An armchair and a table feel so ever inviting. Once inside, you will find a fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, ceramic hobs, oven and refrigerator) positioned smartly to provide ample moving space. When the sun sets, you can enjoy an exquisite wine with tantalizing food day in and day out.

Heavenly views and spectacular amenities

Emirates Golf Club Villa is situated in Dubai’s prime destination. It is ideal for those individuals and families that are looking for a blend of tranquility and greenery in their environs. At this villa, you can hole up in its cozy bedrooms, far from the madding crowd and at peace with yourself. This spectacular retreat is present amid wooden acres and wilderness abound. Its large terraces and rustic cabins allow you a full view of the lush greenery.


As per our standard villa interior design in Dubai, you stand to enjoy fully the creature comforts that are offered by expensive and extravagant hoteling enterprises present in Dubai and rest of the Middle-East region. However, this villa offers the added advantage of peace and tranquility in its immediate surroundings. Our villa provides complete privacy and comforts of a regular home, but that is not even the half of it yet. The villa is located amid trees and features a front porch, which offers stunning views of the natural scenery.

As a staple of residential interior design Dubai, we believe that bathrooms are essential to your comfort. But we take it a step further. Bathrooms should not only be just functional but also beautiful, too. It has been designed with a utilitarian perspective, offering ease and a wealth of convenience. The modern design of this bathroom offers efficient and optimum usage of space. Subtle execution has allowed us to mesh decoration and design seamlessly.


Probably the most part of a villa for some, the master bedroom is stunning, spacious and is designed to be your own private sanctuary. Special touches and comfort allow you to enjoy tremendous luxury and comfort. We understand that your life revolves around friends and families and guests over the weekends, our bedroom provides you comfort after a long and tiring day.

The master bedroom is complete with a bookshelf, movie system and a storage facility to store all of your media that you need in your room. In short, it is your personal entertainment room, complete with convenience and comfort options.

Being one of the highly sought-after villa interior design companies in Dubai, our living rooms are always something extraordinary. We design living rooms without compromising on functionality and comfort. Another entertainment centre and soft-cushioned sofas are laden around the living room. Space allows natural sunlight to enter, allowing you to use less of the electrical lighting systems.

The main living room is complete with a fireplace. Enjoy the winters of Middle East right by the fireplace and read a book. Better yet, watch a movie over the weekend with your loved ones. The airy living room offers you immense ventilation all-round the year. The living room has an expansive veranda, its usage can be manifold, depending on your personal taste. The adjoining dining room can easily seat 12 people. Also, we have kept an additional space in a case you have an extended family or many friends.

To your benefit, this villa is a stone’s throw from the famous beaches of Dubai. You can easily take a stroll if the beach is calling you and take a detour when you feel like it.