Al Fairooz Apartment




Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Al Fairooz Tower – Where Comfort Meets Convenience

The Al Farooz apartments are tailor-made for those homeowners who steer clear from the preconceived notions of residential apartment. They open up a new frontier, probably one of a kind apartments in the Middle East which are part residential and part commercial.


Designed by residential interior design Dubai, this apartment is where luxury meets convenience, driven by a new relationship between a homeowner and the space they aspire to occupy. This apartment is created to give the residents a sense of balance and also peace of mind. Now, experience the best of both worlds with this luxury apartment.


As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, residents and builders are aware of the ecological impacts and thus advocate eco-friendly apartment. This apartment is constructed from materials, which are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient during the lifespan of the building. This will enable them to release a minimal carbon footprint in the environment, resulting in healthy outcomes for the homeowners and environment.

Al Fairooz Tower - A Unique Mix of Form and Function

This apartment is innovative and creatively designed, thanks to residential interior design Dubai. This immensely spacious apartment is a healthy blend of minimalist and artistic approach, while also showcasing a utilitarian approach. Its design approach shows a method of implementing the safe design reserved for apartment while shattering the preexisting rules of design and construction. This apartment presents to you a spectacular landscape of the Dubai skyline, all from the comfort of your roomy balcony.

This stunning residence is designed ingeniously to create living spaces that have an aesthetic effect, while present practical uses at the same time. With its moderately high ceilings as well as proportionate spaces gives the owners exciting opportunities just the same.

The apartment has an interior which exudes sobriety and unquestionable elegance, allowing the occupants to kick back and relax. That’s not it. They can also develop a full-fledged workspace inside this apartment, allowing them to remotely operate from anywhere possible.

A careful blend of modern detailing and classical elements, it has an overall sleek style. The large interior spaces allow ample light to enter whilst creating a comfortable atmosphere which is nothing but ever-inviting.

In short, this apartment in Al Fairooz Tower is spectacular. Designed by residential interior design Dubai, it is a blend of comfort, convenience, luxury and spaciousness, it is wrapped in an idyllic sanctuary which gives its inhabitants panoramic vistas. It offers a wealth of amenities to the residents of the apartment. It has something for everyone.