Boutique Hotel Dubai




Dubai, UAE

What are boutique hotels, and how they became popular?

It intrigues us to no end that boutique hotels are just a recent inclusion to the pop culture. They emerged in the ending decades of the 20th century as a way to blend the trendy aspects of a standard hotel, replete with style, a premium feel, elegance and amenities consumers expect in a modern hoteling chain. The relevance of lobbies even in a boutique hotel is no less understated. It still forms an integral part of the hotel and holds pivotal importance in striking a favorable first impression.


It was only a matter of time before Dubai also adopted the boutique hotel culture. With it, starts the competition amongst the hotel interior design companies in Dubai city. Each month, we see a range of new projects on the horizon, every one of them bears their individualistic style aesthetic.


Consumers look for a boutique hotel for a variety of reasons. They could need a quiet remote place for working or need to host a crucial business meeting with the top management of a multinational. Regardless of your reasons for choosing a boutique hotel, you will without a doubt, have a very good reason for doing so. 


We, for one, understand that creative professionals like to be inspired by their surroundings. For one who has been working in the Dubai hotel interior design industry for so long, we like inner spaces that are beautifully conceived and thoughtfully designed. It allows our inner artists to fully appreciate its beauty. 


For a boutique hotel, we steer clear from the latest trends and fads while creating an interior. Every project is different and a boutique hotel is no less different in this regard. Taking into consideration the surroundings, architecture and building’s form, the lighting and other detailing are then finalized. It actually allows infusing uniqueness in a project alongside longevity, two traits that are essential for a luxury boutique hotel.

Amenities offered in Boutique Hotel Dubai

Being one of the leading companies known for interior design hotels Dubai, we have brought an individualistic feel and creativity that was never seen before. It enables the boutique hotel to clearly stand out on its own than rather being known as a ‘nicely designed hotel’. The evocative and uplifting reception area immediately makes an impression. We have designed it to evoke a feeling of urban refuge for the weary human spirit. The hotels of this variety are shorthanded on creature comforts, but their core strength is resounding design statements.


Lavish lighting further accentuates the beauty of your surroundings. We feel that a hotel room should be far from being dreary or dark. It should rather foster an uplifting mood with side lamps, well-lit chandeliers, mood lighting, art lights and wall sconces. We have changed the trend of lighting in boutique hotels by adding sculptural, modern light fixtures that adds beauty to the décor. Mood lighting often requires dimming to add extra feel to the room.


With matching lamps added on the side tables, it gives a feeling of synchronous while providing the function for nigh time reading at the same time. Lampshades lined in gold adds an element of glamour and this is usually a staple in the high-end suites.


Antiques, dark wood, crispy snowy linens and white upholstery alongside big windows add a much-needed personal touch to the rooms of the hotel. The black satin slippers are present in boxes beside the beds give a nice homely touch.


Apart from the style aesthetics, the bistro and restaurant breathe simplicity and freshness by bringing a neutral palette of colors in its wall and flooring. This works well with the timber beams, too.

Boutique Hotels are all about luxury and individuality. They are a sanctuary within a densely populated environment. It is all about the detail, quality of finishes and eclectic style. I like to create intimacy by use of low-level lighting, rich colored fabrics and warm, inviting spaces.


For us, we simply adore the individuality our custom-designed boutique hotels bring. While offering the personalized service that stands poles apart from that of major commercial hoteling chains, their eclectic style tells a story that is nothing short of intriguing. For this purpose, our boutique hotels have antique furniture, pieces of sculptures or art that signify a distinct feel of the hotel. Since they are smallish in size, we are better able to foster a feeling of intimacy.


For us, it is no less difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, we do aspire to bring a modern, chic and sophisticated ambience to the boutique hotel.


We have designed the boutique hotel in a way that positions it as the absolute favourite for tourists in Dubai. The style aesthetics are less heavy-handed and teams aptly with the building’s character. More so, the local flavor of Dubai is an essential necessity, which should go hand in hand with the interior décor of the rooms and overall architecture.


In conclusion, it is necessary to establish that a boutique hotel possesses its own personality. The small-scale offers uniqueness and a personalized environment that is appealing and preferable for most of the guests. This element of exclusivity in itself is a brand of luxury, which no major hoteling chain is unable to ape. It also grants these hotels a personal feel which users have come to appreciate. In a sense, it could be said that these hotels a home-far-away-from-actual-home for the travellers.