Al Naboodah Enterprise




Dubai, UAE

Al Naboodah Enterprise’s focus on a peaceful environment.

Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah founded the Al Naboodah Group in 1958. The brothers belong to arguably one of the most respected and widely successful businesses in the UAE. The company takes a strong stance on the progression of sustainability at any level in the workplace. The company has a knack for its emphasis on customer satisfaction and delivery of service.


The specific division of the company named Al Naboodah Design Spaces (ANDS), which specializes in the business interior, is a new addition to the Al Naboodah’s construction family. When it comes to their office interiors, Al Naboodah emphasizes on a sort of ‘comfortable elegance’ amongst all the other office interior design Dubai options. The company is comprised of some of the most talented and sought-after architects and designers as well as industry experts.


The business is especially known for their internationally distinctive style for interiors that are focused on a work-oriented look yet with an increasingly comfort-oriented feel as well whilst still looking professional and classy. The quality of the materials and precision of the architectural design is handled by a team of extremely efficient engineers. These engineers are committed to providing the best results in the budget constraints that other companies allot them for their projects.


Recently, the office interior design companies in Dubai have felt the need to provide their clients with a very relaxing and soothing aura at work. Thus, the architecture has purposefully been given a feel of serenity, almost like that of a dojo, but of course not lacking the formal and business-like the integrity of an office. The tones of the walls are very earthy and faded for a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The furniture is either the same off white or beige or grey as the walls or an opposing yet complementary colour like dark brown or a darker shade of grey. The patterns and design, including the types of furniture and accessories, are all given a sleek and luxurious look, which fits perfectly with the overall look and feel.

The soothing functionality of the new office interior

Al Naboodah’s new offices are made to be a safe space for the employees. Gone are the days when employees had to feel trapped inside small office cubicles lit with dim lights. In the traditional old-fashioned office settings, employees could not wait to get done with their work and go home. Reason being that employees want to escape the environment of stress and get the level of comfort that is available in their homes.


What a company like this is trying to achieve through the type of interior they have is to give the employees the exact same level of comfort they are used to at home. With the same amount of comfort, they can better focus on the job with ease, efficiency, and less on the time. The lighting is soft and calming yet practical for work purposes. The furniture is sleek, homely, and inviting. The rooms are the sort, which would be adequate for a formal meeting as well as for lunch.


The offices, whether they are small ones or big ones for board meetings, are spacious and roomy yet not too extravagant or showy. Special care has been given to the contrast between the colour schemes and tones that are present in the offices as compared to the lobby or the meeting rooms. Based on our standard office interior design Dubai, it has more shades of grey to emphasize the purely work and business-related feel. Whereas the lounges or the big boardrooms have more inviting tones of white and light brown to be more uplifting due to their less work-related nature.

The design of the recent and newer offices has really mastered the mixture of business formal with a modern-day living room aura that is perfect for a relaxed work environment. The lobby has a symmetrical series of patterns and a very practical yet spacious lounge area to make any visitors feel welcome yet remind them of the caliber of the company that they are in. Additionally, the big plant-covered wall at the back is an intentionally calming presence in the lobby that sends a calming and nurturing energy throughout the office. An excessively impressive new feature to the architectural design is the state of the art computer labs amongst the offices.


The entire design has a strong ‘Apple store’ feel to it that is highly professional yet with a perfectly executed warm and gentle feel that looks inviting to any new employee. It steers clear from the regular workspaces which employees are used to. Businesses these days have figured out that employees will always work harder if they feel like they belong and if they enjoy the work process.


This is what the offices at the new Al Naboodah Enterprise have achieved so well. The serenity and ease of the office environment make the employees more productive than they would have been in a closed up and clinical environment without causing them to become lethargic. The employers have put a fair amount of thought in the new designs as part of functionality they aspire to obtain, the opposing look of posh and relaxation is essential for big meetings with international clients that this business has a lot of. Investors will see the subtle grandeur of the architecture and be assured of the kind of no-nonsense and professional environment that is fostered in these offices.