Al Barari Villa




Al Barari, Dubai, UAE

Al Barari Villa is priceless

In essence, a villa is just an expanded version of a house, but due to its size and construction design, it is modifiable and can offer a wealth of facilities to the homeowners. Primarily a concept that first emerged during heydays of the Roman Empire, villas are luxurious and may have a range of options, fountains, vineyards, gardens, depending on the taste of its occupant.


Those homeowners who aspire to move into a villa have a wide range of benefits and facilities at their disposal. Far from the heart of the Dubai city, it is a much-needed setting for people who wish to indulge in a luxurious and serene lifestyle. As one of the highly sought villa interior design companies in Dubai, we bring our own look and feel to these villas, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. The residential paradise can house large families and droves of friends you have picked up along the way. This private villa is one of the hottest commodities on the Dubai real estate market right now and purchasing one is a highly prudent option.

MyPickOne has established its mark within the domain of residential interior design Dubai, having to create masterpieces in interior décor and architecture. It has conquered the hearts of its consumers with innovativeness while blending luxury and comfort in all of its designs. We have satisfied the most sophisticated connoisseurs in the business and our designs truly stand out on their own. We are not just restricted to the Middle East, we have worked on aesthetically pleasing spaces and luxurious designs all over the world, leaving our signature.


The villas also reflect our style that pleases our individual aesthetic senses while catering to the needs of a modern villa owner. We, for one, understand the importance of landscape and infuse our architectural style into each of our works. The reputation and position that we have earned over the years reflect our burning passion and desire to excel in what we do. Due to this reason, we possess a practiced eye and conceptualize our luxury designs, which aptly blend interior décor with the existing exterior.


The villa is in close proximity to Dubai. This means that you have convenient access to all the major landmarks and key locations. Be it a community centre, leisure spots or commercial hubs, everything is accessible to you. For others, the villa is a peaceful haven and regardless of its closeness to Dubai central hub, it still offers a world of its own. You would be hard-pressed to leave the villa, with its lush garden and forestation that is sight for the sore eyes.


If you have the adventurous spirit inside you, you can still head out to Dragon Mart, Dubai Mall, Polo Club, Dubai Miracle Garden, Arabian Ranches Golf Club or other locations in the vicinity. These places are within reach in a matter of a few minutes.

Barari Villa – where comfort meets class

Enter the luxurious and one of a kind living room. The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors present breath-taking views and allows natural light to brighten your day. The living room has a white chandelier and two distinct lounging areas. One is facing the swimming pool outside while the other one faces the entertainment system. The room’s peaceful environment is complemented with proper ventilation and natural sunlight can do away with the need for using the electricity grid. As part of our customary villa interior design in Dubai properties, we have used sliding doors, which lead to the kitchen space and a wide dining room. This dining room can easily accommodate 12 people at a time and further space is added if your circle is a bit larger.


Inside the kitchen, wine fridge, breakfast bar and modern appliances are present at the back of the kitchen. This gives you hands-on access to multiple options, which you can toy with at your leisure.

A luxury interior design Dubai villa is incomplete without a sliding door that leads to the terrace. This terrace has an outdoorsy dining table, which is perfect for an evening tea/coffee with your close ones. You would be surprised to know that we also have a staff kitchen, which is subtly tucked away behind the main kitchen.


A villa would be incomplete without a game room. Inside, you have a recreational room, a bar, pool table and an entertainment system which is complete with plush sofas and projector screen.

To your benefit, the outdoor living space provides a scenic view, extending from the grand entrance hall and its terrace borders the ever so inviting swimming pool. Beat the summer heat by taking an occasional dip in the pool and dry off on the sunbeds laden beside the pool. It doesn’t get much better than this since adjoining the swimming pool is a game room which has your favourite board games and gaming systems pre-installed.

The bedroom is nothing short of a romantic treat in itself. Stamping our revised Dubai villa interior design, the property of a large balcony along with a reflecting pool, sunbeds, private Jacuzzi and an outdoor shower. The bedroom is smartly furnished, whereas the ottoman and aquamarine loveseat accentuates the beauty of the room. Hidden from plain view is a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom, which gives you an outdoorsy feel.


Our bathrooms are airy and allow maximum inflow of sunlight. This keeps the space less stuffy than it should be and assures you a pleasant experience.