Abu Dhabi, UAE

The aim of promoting transparency wins the ADAA offices

The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging and finding ways to enforce public sector companies and institutions to avoid corruption and dishonesty in a workplace. The aim is to spread a culture of total accountability and transparency in the office cultures public companies. ADAA is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on many departments of the government including local councils and other public enterprises. It focuses on making sure that these government offices use the finances given to them in a way that is fully representative of the business vision of Abu Dhabi.


The ADAA also specializes in training young graduates from Emirati colleges in auditing. Their own auditing department is responsible for the setting up of many anti-fraud programmes for the investigation of corruption.


MyPickOne has ensured that the design of the building reflects its vision of creating a harmonious and neutral space. This is what makes it one of the most sought-after interior design companies in Dubai city. Keeping its office interior design Dubai aesthetics in consideration, the new architecture in the company buildings is quite reflective of its values.


The architecture has been given a very unique, open and minimalistic approach. The offices are designed to be open, brightly lit and spacious. The extremely neat and symmetrical structure of the architecture sends a clear message of openness and productivity in the workspace. The interior designers who have worked on these offices also wanted to mesh the inside and outside atmospheres present.


Rather than making overwhelmingly standard and futuristic-looking offices with too many accessories and closed up rooms, the design of this room is purely based on minimalism. This neat look fosters creativity as well as organization and order. The institution itself is in the business of preventing crime so a purely clean and tidy look is not only very suitable but also symbolic of the kind of place ADAA is supposed to be. The offices at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority are designed to bring both the customers as well as the employees a certain level of ease and serenity in their transactions.


This is taken care of by the well-thought interior which fosters an environment that maximises productivity among the employees. It also gives customers or visitors a pleasant and comfortable experience as soon as they enter the building. MyPickOne is known for their experience in creating atmospheres that further productivity, as well as relaxation and this beautiful interior for the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority building, is a testament to their company’s reputation.

Functionality and transparency through a minimalistic design.

The interior of the new ADAA offices has been built with a very distinct purpose. The company that is known for promoting honesty, transparency and positivity in the workplace has replicated those values within the office interior design Dubai schematic. Some aspects of the new office inspires positivity that the office fosters. The panelling on the walls and the ceiling are in neat and straight lines often very symmetrically laid out. The lighting is a fusion between two very well utilised sources of natural and artificial lights.


The artificial lighting is sleek and smart looking strips of light that have been embedded into the paneling of the walls, ceiling, and architecture. The other is all-natural sunlight coming in through the large windows and translucent nature of certain walls. The mix of natural elements with more formal and office-related aspects is an attempt at a tranquil and serene atmosphere of the work environment. It will subsequently result in increased productivity and better morale around the office. Thus, as a result, the inside of the offices have a natural and hopeful vibe, it will maintain a feel-good atmosphere.


The floors, much like the ceilings, are highly plain and drab colour presented in the classiest yet professional style. The linear and overly formal design of the workplace makes no intention of letting people become overly comfortable. So with the current design, the company has managed to find a way to promote positivity to uplift the employee morale whilst at the same time make sure that the work environment stays result-oriented. The natural lighting and white-color create a pure and wholesome atmosphere. The way this uplifting aura goes so well with the functionality of the place is a good example of the kind of efficiency that can be achieved with the right interior design.


The reception lobby has a more authoritative feel with a modern and minimalistic style of tile design that is prevalent in the marble tiles. These tiles make up the floor, the walls and the lobby desk which is decorated with the same spatial design and more playful colors. The colour scheme of the entire lobby serves the purpose of being invited to any new visitor. The combination of colors and tile placement reminds people of the level of respectability and formality present while also not being too dull or boring in its colour scheme and overall tone.


The desks in the working spaces are a light and comfortable tone of white and off-white and grey with plants on the sides as the architects wanted a significant blend between the inside and outdoor environments. The desks are neither too close together or too far apart from each other.

In the context of minimalist design, the ADAA stands out from the crowd.

The word ‘impressive’ cannot fully describe this world-class villa. Sufficient to say, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is quite an experience and for tourists and travellers alike, it is a holiday, which they never want to end.


The prime inspiration behind Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is its attempt to return to the ‘Golden Age’. This hotel presents you mesmerizing views of the Arabian Gulf, but more interestingly, the lobby strikes the first impression with a massive chandelier that is suspended over the water fountain. This chandelier is only one of the 165 others that are laden all over the luxury resort, illuminating the hotel’s interior. These chandeliers are a reproduction of the Topkapi and Dolmabahce palaces that grace the city of Istanbul.


Other than that, the interior features beautiful hand-painted finishing, Turkish artworks along with stunning murals that take you back to the time of Ottoman Empire. The lavish murals are a brief reminder of a magnificent period in the past. The feel of hospitality is abundantly present throughout the design and line-up of services offered by the resort.